semi-permanent eyebrows


Sheree Siddall is a semi permanent makeup artist based in various salons across the North East and North West. She offers semi permanent makeup solutions for eyebrows, eyeliner and lips.

Sheree has a great passion and drive for what she does, which ensures every client gets the best services available,

Permanent makeup can save you time and money. Enhance your features with a perfectly defined pout, or beautifully shaped eyebrows to give an age defying lift to your complexion.

Microbladed Brows – £250

Using state of the art equipment, a tiny microblade is used to create precise hair strokes created by hand that follow the shape and direction of the natural brow. Once the tiny channel has been made, pigment is implanted into the dermal layer of the skin to mimic the effect of hairs. The result is a filled in, ultra-defined looking brow that looks much more realistic than filling your brows yourself. The treatment is only mildly discomforting and can be compared to receiving a little scratch. The process usually takes around 1-2 hours dependent upon your desired results.

Ombre / Powder Brows – £250

Ombre powder brows are perfect for clients who prefer a fuller but softer result than Microblading, looking more similar to daily make up applied using an eyebrow shadow. The procedure is performed using a micro-pigmentation machine, placing pigment under the dermis that lasts up to 2 years*. The results tend to last slightly longer than Microblading as the pigment is inserted deeper into the dermis. Pain is minimal and comparable to threading or waxing.

Semi-Permanent Eyeliner – Top or Bottom £180, Top and Bottom £220

Using specialist facial tattooing machinery, our highly trained technicians gently apply pigment to the top or bottom eyeline using fine needles to apply pigment into the dermis. The treatment is not usually painful but clients can feel vibrations around the eye. A second appointment is usually required around 4-12 weeks* after the first treatment to ensure the colour is applied evenly.

Lip Liner – £200 / Full Lip Blush – £300

Working closely with you, we will establish the lip contour shape and colour you are looking for, drawing on first with a makeup pencil to ensure you are happy with how the results will look. Using a facial tattooing machine, pigment is gently applied to the lips and lip line using very fine needles. The process usually takes around 90 minutes but can vary dependent upon your desired look. After the treatment your lips are likely to be swollen but this should subside after a few days. A second treatment to fill in any gaps in the pigment is recommended around 4-12 weeks.

Top up treatments for all procedures listed above:

£60 for up to 6 months post-treatment
£85 for 6-12 months post-treatment
£125 for 12 months post-treatment

Lip Fillers

Lip fillers (or dermal fillers) can be used to enhance and plump thin, aging or small lips. Temporary and safe, the filler is injected into carefully planned and precise locations in the lips and surrounding skin to shape as desired. Lasting 6-12 months, the treatment is temporary enough to adapt with changing tastes or fashions.

0.5ml starting from £95
1ml starting from £125

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Wrinkle reduction treatments involve the application of muscle relaxing injections to relax the facial muscles that contract to cause mild or severe lines and wrinkles. This not only improves the appearance of wrinkles already formed but prevents future fine lines from appearing. Procedure time varies depending upon the areas to be treated but usually lasts under 30 minutes, with visible results* from 3 to 5 days. Results are not permanent, and further treatments will be required from 3 to 6 months.

1 treatment area – £135
2 treatment areas – £155
3 treatment areas £185

Henna Brows – £20

Henna brows offer a more temporary solution to brow tinting than Microblading or Ombre Brows but is more long lasting than traditional eyebrow tint. Whereas eyebrow tint lasts on the hair for up to 4 weeks, henna brows can last up to 6-7 weeks. The tint will also stain the skin behind the brow, giving the brow a fuller look that does not need to be filled in. After care will require a change to skin care, as products containing exfoliators will strip the colour.

Price List

Eyebrows £250
Lip blush £200
Lip liner £200
Eyelash enhancement £120 top or bottom & £120 top or bottom